We source our products from three different locations: America, Europe, and the Far East.

Thanks to our regular weekly shipments, we can quickly resolve our customers’ product supply issues.


We source our products from Digikey and Mouser on a weekly basis. Additionally, we obtain our shipments from global distributor firms such as Rochester, TTI America, Arrow, Avnet, Future, Verical, and Master every two weeks. Thanks to our express shipping service, we can swiftly procure and deliver the products to our customers.


In Europe, we regularly obtain materials from stock available through global distributor firms like Farnell and Rutronik, ensuring quick access to these products.


In China, specifically in the Shenzhen region, we maintain regular weekly shipments through partner firms. With our express shipping service, we can promptly acquire the necessary products. Before these products reach Turkey, they undergo authenticity testing and approval by our partner firm. Our robust network allows us to work exclusively with firms that provide original products. Moreover, our expert team excels in finding obsolete or hard-to-find items, offering valuable support to our customers.

Furthermore, for your prototype or high-quantity PCB orders, we provide our customers with reliable express delivery services.