We supply our products from 3 main locations; America, Europe and the Far East.
Thanks to our weekly shipments, we are able to provide swift solutions to our customers’ needs.


We have weekly shipments from Digikey and Mouser. From distributing companies such as Rochester, TTI America, Arrow, Avnet, Future, Verical and Master, we have shipments every two weeks.

We deliver the products in short time with our Express shipping service and deliver them to our customers.


We provide materials from distributor companies such as Farnell and Rutronic with regular shipments.


Thanks to our partner in China’s Shenzen province, we can supply products quickly by express Cargo services in weekly shipments.Our partner company tests products for authenticity and then makes the shipment. We exclusively work with companies that make authenticity tests. Our expert team can also assist our customers in finding obsolete product with stock issues.

In addition, we offer reliable express delivery service to our customers for your prototype or multiple PCB orders.