Military units are protected by national technologies

The perimeter security of the military units is provided by the Integrated Network Supported Security System developed within the Turkish defense industry.

The perimeter security of the military units is provided by the Integrated Network Supported Security System, in which national technologies developed by the Turkish defense industry are used.

HAVELSAN Teknoloji Radar Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ (HTR), which develops radar and military electronic systems, is also involved in the security of critical military and civilian facilities with its network-supported security systems.

HTR Chairman of the Board of Directors Macit Arslan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the company was established in 1990 with a French partnership to meet the long-range radar needs of the Air Force Command, and became a national company with the acquisition of HAVELSAN’s shares in 2001.

Explaining that the company’s activities, which started with radar and cabling, expanded with electronic cards, infrastructure and network security systems, Arslan stated that they carried out the modernization and maintenance-operation activities of the TRS-22XX radar used by the Air Force, and they carried out maintenance and repair of NATO radars in Turkey.

Arslan stated that they carry out productions as an integrated facility with all kinds of radar production infrastructure in cooperation with different companies and deliver them to those in need.

Pointing out that they offer Integrated Network Supported Security System solutions for military and civilian customer needs, Arslan said:

“We are establishing network-supported security systems in more than 150 units of our Land Forces Command. Base areas can be fixed or modular. We can bring all kinds of information that may pose a threat to the operator by using optical and other systems. This information is examined and various analyzes can be made. The network security system of 6 airports was also installed by HTR.”

Smoke curtain lifts with nationalized SWIR camera
Stating that the information received from the sensors is collected in Erisis, a national solution, and alerts are generated in case of threat, Arslan also gave the following information about the SWIR short-wavelength infrared camera system, another national product of the company:

“The SWIR camera that we have nationalized is a system that gives images especially in dense fog. We are improving its performance with our R&D studies. It helps to prevent a possible threat and infiltration by using it in the troops in need even in the densest fog. Short wavelength infrared cameras, which we call SWIR, come together in many It is a SWIR controlled material, its sale is subject to permission, you cannot buy it even if you want, but thanks to the production of HTR, this is a national and domestic product offered to those in need.”

Stating that they have developed a “pan-tilt” product that can move the payload placed on it horizontally and vertically, Arslan also noted that they have developed the Sezgi product family, which is sensitive, reliable, capable of detecting people and vehicles in all weather conditions, in the approach area of ​​critical facilities and the border line.

11 million dollars remained in the country with domestic and national products
Explaining that x-ray scanning devices and card access systems are among the national solutions they produce, Macit Arslan said, “HTR has kept approximately 11 million dollars in Turkey with its national and domestic product studies. Our studies on this subject continue in our R&D center. HTR, other It has the determination and will to produce more original and national products, in coordination with companies, together with its domestic industry. We will achieve this as well.” he said.

Arslan stated that they carried out a series of studies in R&D centers, especially some cameras that can display images in less light conditions, drone detection systems and various products that can be used in security systems.

Stating that they aim to provide maintenance-maintenance support for the products used abroad for export, Arslan expressed that they aim to ensure the use of both SWIR cameras and other products in friendly and brotherly countries.

Stating that HTR carries out maintenance, operation and maintenance activities in 1200 units of the Turkish Armed Forces, Arslan said:

“These are not just limited to renewing, modernizing and keeping the systems we have installed. It also includes making usable or changing the products that were purchased before and cannot be used for various reasons. We carry out maintenance-operation activities in 1200 units of the Turkish Armed Forces, including the TRNC. “We also work with non-governmental institutions and organizations. We meet the network security system needs of some non-governmental organizations. We solved the problems they had with the cameras they bought before, we kept a significant amount of foreign currency in the country. Various products are used at 6 airports. It is possible to see our products all over Turkey.”

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