Cooperation in the field of defense industry between Iraq and Turkey

President of Presidency of Defense Industries İsmail Demir stated that they support the steps taken for peace and stability in Iraq.

Demir held a joint press conference with Iraqi Defense Industry President Muhammed Derraci after his contacts in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.

Stating that good relations have developed with Iraq in many areas, Demir said, “The field of defense industry will be one of them. We will support the steps taken in the field of peace and stability in Iraq. The talks we have here will lead to long-term cooperation and joint work in various fields.” said.

Muhammed Derraci stated that the relations between the two countries are based on a deep-rooted past and said:

“We agreed on the transfer of technology from Turkey to Iraq. We have seen a great understanding from the Turkish side regarding the joint military industry between Iraq and Turkey. Light weapons and ammunition and aircraft tracking systems will be produced in Iraq. Our forces will follow security to monitor border and terrorist operations. A joint memorandum of understanding was also signed for the production of balloons.

Source AA – 03 October 2021

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