Koel Electronics Inc. was founded in order to provide the electronic material requirement of the manufacturing companies, to accelerate he production processes and to add quality by realizing the supply of products from every point of the world by its strong network in the supply of electronic components.

Thanks to our strong network that includes semi-conductive active and passive components, electromechanic circuit materials, cable and displays; we are able to provide our customers complete
packages with reasonable prices and quality products.

We provide swift solutions for our clients by making weekly regular shipments from America, Europe and the Far East.

We analyze the needs of our valued customers, renew our working models and offer the fastest solution to your problems.

Vısıon & Mıssıon

Our vision is to become the leading company of the sector by providing our customers with quality service and solutions, increasing our service quality day by day and meeting the expectations of manufacturing companies’ at highest levels.

We are the provider of 3 leading regions
using developed technologies.